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Africa Assistance Plan

Africa Assistance Plan is a Christian non-governmental organization which is registered in Ghana and the United States of America. Our goal is that ‘Africa might be saved’. Our main programs include Children and Youth Empowerment, Church and Community Empowerment, water and sanitation programs.

With over 40 years of serving the poor and vulnerable, AAP has worked across Ghana from its base in Sunyani and touching countries such as Liberia and Togo.

Our goal is that ‘Africa might be saved’.



Africa Assistance Plan exists to end all forms of poverty


Child-centred Christian organization that focuses on empowering the church and community for holistic development.

What We Do

AAP is established to alleviate all forms of poverty in Africa with special interest for the African mother and child not neglecting the churches and communities they live in.

Children and Youth Empowerment Program (CYE)

The challenges and difficulties associated with childhood poverty, identity crisis, self-exploration, parental and societal neglect is on the surge leading to obvious consequences. The objective of this program focuses on providing respite and preparing children and youth for the future through career guidance and counselling, mentorships, and various youth development programs.

Church and Community Empowerment Program

The program seeks to equip Churches and Communities with the right tools, skills and services to build the appropriate strategies to implement holistic development and a sustainable integral mission. The agenda is to train, inform, empower and nurture Church and Community leaders to better serve society’s most vulnerable

Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) (WiLc2G)

Given the high levels of water body pollution, inadequate sanitation, and unhygienic habits that have direct risks on one's health and socioeconomic situation, improving access to water, sanitation, and hygiene is a critical development and spiritual need. We are committed to ensuring the holistic well-being of every individual especially the African child.

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